Hello, I'm Charles Rhodes. I deliver media and presentation training to leading international brands, corporations, public sector providers and regulators in Government, the arts, and the National Health Service. Welcome to my website. You can find out more about me and my 20 year career at the BBC here

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Effective and engaging training

Great presenters may be born, but with the right training we can all learn to become more effective and engaging communicators. With thirty years of communications experience, I know what works and what doesn’t, and more importantly which techniques will help you to present powerfully and effectively. I teach clients how to focus on their audiences, develop a presentation style of their own, and engage memorably with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, and audiences, whenever they speak.

High quality bespoke coaching

My bespoke communication skills’ training is of the highest quality and designed specifically to meet your individual requirements. Whether you want to improve your public speaking skills, communicate more effectively with partners and stakeholders, win new business, have to deliver bad news, or just want to present better, my training will refresh and develop your presentation and communication skills. I can also ensure you will feel more confident about delivering a compelling keynote speech, crucial presentation, vital internal briefing, or winning an important pitch.

Adding Value

I use a professional high definition broadcast quality video camera to record and analyse performance, as we examine and develop a variety of presentation techniques and strategies, focussed on meeting your specific needs. My practical sessions provide opportunities to learn and practise a variety of tried and tested techniques and skills.

I will help you to:

  • Identify key messages and turn them into a compelling and memorable presentations
  • Anticipate likely challenges, issues, and questions and develop clear and concise responses that communicate positive messages
  • Enhance your presentation and communication skills
  • Develop techniques to increase confidence that channel energy and control nervousness

Transparent evaluation

During, and after the course, I will provide detailed feedback and analysis of your performance. This will include individual written appraisals, with tips and pointers to further improve performance. Each participant also receives a copy of their performance and is invited to comment on the effectiveness of the coaching in a written evaluation form. I share all feedback with clients. I have considerable experience working with a variety of clients, from agencies to professionals and organisations pitching for new business; from executives preparing a keynote speech, to groups and individuals undertaking complex and challenging briefings and presentations.