Hello, I'm Charles Rhodes. I deliver media and presentation training to leading international brands, corporations, public sector providers and regulators in Government, the arts, and the National Health Service. Welcome to my website. You can find out more about me and my 20 year career at the BBC here

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High quality bespoke media training and coaching

If you don’t know how to communicate your story, media interviews will be much harder than they should be. Charles Rhodes Media provides high quality media training that refreshes and develops media interview skills by focussing on key messages and how to bring them to life. My media training is realistic and practical, working through interviews that replicate the real world, so that my clients understand what it is like being interviewed by journalists, know what questions they are likely to be asked and learn how to answer them effectively. All interviews are recorded to allow for detailed analysis and discussion about performance.

I tell you exactly what will happen

As an experienced former journalist, I know what makes a news story and what reporters are looking for. This considerable experience enables us to anticipate interview styles, lines of questioning, and identify the approaches different journalists and media platforms are likely to take. I work in partnership with clients to develop and practise a series of tried and tested media techniques and skills. These could include specialist, trade, print, radio, television and online interview scenarios.

Ensure you are prepared

My training is of the highest quality and underpinned by thorough research. It’s intensive and highly interactive, involving participation in a series of interview scenarios tailored to meet specific needs. As well as helping spokespeople develop and practise their media skills, sessions also test messaging to make sure it helps spokespeople cope with even the most challenging of media interviews.

I will help you to:

  • Prepare easy-to-understand responses that communicate positive messages
  • Assert greater control over encounters with reporters
  • Handle challenging lines of questioning and close down controversial and difficult areas of questioning
  • I can also help you develop effective messaging, either as part of the training, or in a separate workshop

Media training that meets your specific needs

Whether you want to communicate good or bad news, brush up your media skills, have to answer challenging questions, or have never faced a journalist or a TV camera before, I can help. Whether you choose a few hours, a full day’s media training, or a series of sessions, I can devise progressive training and coaching that prepares you to confidently face the media, so that together we can see, and participants feel, performance and confidence improve.

Adding value

During, and after the course, I provide feedback and analysis of performance. This will include individual written appraisals, with tips and pointers to further improve performance. Each participant receives a copy of their performance and is invited to comment on the effectiveness of the training in a written evaluation form. I share all feedback with clients.