Hello, I'm Charles Rhodes. I deliver media and presentation training to leading international brands, corporations, public sector providers and regulators in Government, the arts, and the National Health Service. Welcome to my website. You can find out more about me and my 20 year career at the BBC here

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Crisis, issues and reputation management

The media loves bad news

A crisis, and the way it is handled, can have an enormous impact on you and your organisation. As a BBC journalist, a crisis – whether a terrorist outrage such as 9/11, disputes and campaigns that pit business against people, scandals and battles, accidents, or the impact of something going wrong – was my bread and butter. I use this and experience gained advising those caught in the eye of media storms to help my clients.

Perception matters

All of us, whether we are consumers, customers, partners, or stakeholders have become increasingly sceptical, demanding, knowledgeable and litigious. Social media provides a platform for anyone who wants one. Being first with the news is now more important than being accurate making today’s 24 hour news media more aggressive and intrusive, as journalists and interested parties trawl the real and virtual worlds for new facts, rumour, opinion, gossip, and comment in the race for an audience.

Reputations built over years shredded

Bad news travels fast and can leave a hard earned reputation in tatters. Accidents, mistakes, an injudicious Tweet, rumour, or an unfounded claim can all threaten hard earned reputations. Every organisation needs to keep a careful eye on its practices and procedures and keep asking itself: how would this look if it came out? Because today the chances are that it will.

It’s not just crises that harm reputations

I work hard to protect reputations for clients across the public and private sectors as they’ve faced complex challenges:

  • Senior staff being blamed for tragedies, operational and policy errors, and a whole range of perceived failings
  • Organisations and individuals facing criminal and civil prosecutions, regulatory reviews and investigations, and media scrutiny
  • Managers responding to incidents, accidents, production failures, contamination incidents, service disruptions, terrorist threats
  • Executives, businesses and organisations as they prepare to announce reorganisations, efficiencies and redundancy programmes
  • Business leaders and organisations under sustained attack from campaigners, protest groups, politicians, celebrities, and the media

Confidential high quality training that protects your reputation

I provide confidential, testing, and realistic, crisis and issues management training to clients facing challenges to their reputations. This can involve designing scenarios that place senior staff and spokespeople under media scrutiny, as they juggle media deadlines and requests for information and interviews. It also, frequently, involves delivering unique training and coaching, often at short notice, so executives learn how to handle controversial announcements and forthcoming events with confidence, rehearsing exactly what they are likely to face.